Thematic Areas

Since 2014, SIGMA and the European Commission have defined the scope of public administration reform as covering six core areas. They are the fundamental building blocks for effective public governance.
Strategic Framework of Public Administration Reform
Public administration reform (PAR) requires strong central leadership and management, clear division of responsibilities, effective co-ordination and collaboration between government institutions and internal and external stakeholders. PAR implementation should be carefully prepared and planned, with sufficient financial and administrative resources allocated for smooth and full implementation.  
Policy Development and Co–ordination
Effective systems of government planning, policy development and co–ordination are critical for designing and delivering good policies and addressing emerging challenges such as climate change. Centre of government ensures consistency and coherence of policy outcomes. Procedures for inclusive and evidence-based policy making help the country make optimal resource allocations and policy choices.
Public Service and Human Resource Management
Professional, responsive and accountable public servants acting with integrity are key for high-performing public administrations. HRM planning must be evidence-based and recruitment based on merit, with effective performance management. Remuneration and working conditions should be competitive and fair with clear, defined rights and obligations for civil servants. Top management must be competent.
To effectively serve citizens and businesses public administration needs rational organisation and clear lines of accountability. It has to be scrutinised by the parliament, judiciary and independent oversight bodies. The public must have access to public information and if the right to fair administration has been violated should be able to uphold this right and obtain compensation if justified.
Service Delivery
The state has a vital role in the delivery of a wide array of public services. Besides traditional public services, such as health care or education, there are administrative services, such as delivery of licenses and permissions, which are subject to regulation of administrative procedure. These services should be delivered in an effective, predictable, reliable and user-friendly manner.
Public Financial Management
Effective systems for the management of public finances are essential to delivering government policy and public services in a predictable, sustainable and transparent manner. Sound arrangements for budget management, internal control and audit, public procurement and external audit ensure the economic, efficient and effective allocation and use of scarce public resources.