Strength of the medium-term budgetary framework

Review of documentation for the preparation and publication of the MTBF and the data in the budget bill for the first MTBF year. Points are awarded for each of the following eight criteria (total of 12 points).

Criteria fulfilled: 6/8

No data available / not assessed
The MTBF is formally adopted by the government on an annual basis for a minimum of three years and published before the annual budget bill is presented to the parliament (2 points)
The parliament discusses the MTBF or a pre-budget report (or similar) at least at the level of budget and finance committee, before it receives the annual budget proposal (1 point)
The MTBF covers revenue and expenditure plans for the whole general government sector (1 point)
The MTBF includes total costs of planned funding under the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (1 point)
The MTBF establishes ceilings for each year for first-level budget organisations or ministries or sectors within the government (2 points)
The expenditure ceilings established in the MTBF are respected in the annual budget bill, with no more than 2% variation from the ceilings (1 point)
The MTBF includes quantitative fiscal targets on a general government basis for at least the budget year and the following two fiscal years (2 points)
The MTBF includes sector-based policy information, including non-financial performance information and sector expenditure plans (2 points)