Strength of the fiscal rules

Review of data from the Ministry of Finance (MoF), legislation, the medium-term expenditure plans, reports of a fiscal council and reports of the supreme audit institution (SAI). Points are assigned for each of the following four criteria (total of 5 points).

Criteria fulfilled: 3/4

No data available / not assessed
The government has established clear quantitative fiscal rules at least for the total levels of public debt level and the deficit (1 point)
The fiscal rules for public debt and deficit are defined in a law with strict correction procedures (1 point)
Within the last two fiscal years, the government has not violated the fiscal rules, whether they are set in a law or as a written political commitment (they may be stipulated in the MTBF, government work programme or other similar formal document) (2 points)
An authority independent of the government, such as a fiscal council, reviews the MTBF and budget proposals, including the enforcement of the fiscal rules, and publishes its report before the parliament adopts the annual budget bill (1 point)