Publication and transparency

Expert review of legislation. Key information on the procedure is, at a minimum, defined as reasons for the choice of the procedure, tender documentation, reasons for decisions on exclusion of economic operators, rejections of tenders, and the result of the procedure. Points are awarded for each of the following four criteria (total of 5 points).

Criteria fulfilled: 4/4

No data available / not assessed
Publication of contract notices and contract award notices is required by law, either in the national official journal or on a national website (2 points)
The contracting authority/entity is obliged by law to inform each candidate or tenderer of decisions reached, including the grounds for any decision (1 point)
The contracting authority/entity is obliged by law to prepare and store individual reports on the procedure, including key information, and to make the reports publicly available (either published or on request) (1 point)
The law obliges contracting authorities/entities to ensure that their representatives in a procedure have no conflict of interest (1 point)