Advertising of public procurement procedures

Expert review of legislation. Essential information in contract notices and publicly available documentation is defined as, at a minimum, the subject of the procedure, method of procurement, contract award criteria, exclusion grounds, selection criteria, and time limits. Duly specified situations that, as an exception, allow for publication of procedures without a notice include extreme urgency due to unforeseeable events and contracts that may be executed only by one particular economic operator for technical or artistic reasons, or for reasons connected with the protection of exclusive rights. For each of the following three criteria that is established in the legislation for contracts above a de minimis amount (contracts above EUR 10 000), 1 point is awarded (total of 3 points).

Criteria fulfilled: 3/3

No data available / not assessed
As a rule, the contracting authority/entity is obliged by law to publish a contract notice in the national official journal or procurement portal (1 point)
Contract notices and publicly available documentation include essential information (1 point)
Procedures without publication of a notice are only allowed as an exception in duly specified situations (1 point)