Availability of measures for the practical application of the legislative framework

Expert review of legislation. Interviews with stakeholders (central procurement institutions, contracting authorities, economic operators and their associations, procurement experts, and NGOs). For each of the following five criteria, 1 point is awarded (total of 5 points).

Criteria fulfilled: 4/5

No data available / not assessed
When primary legislation has been adopted, it comes into force as early as necessary to serve its purpose and as late as necessary to ensure that secondary legislation and any institutions are also in place (1 point)
Secondary legislation and complementary regulations are prepared and issued no later than when the primary legislation comes into force (1 point)
Any institutions provided for in the legislation are set up and staffed when the law comes into force (1 point)
The introduction of legislation is accompanied by corresponding capacity-building measures for contracting authorities and economic operators (1 point)
The effective implementation of new legislation is monitored (1 point)